Prolific panoply of protocols, practices, and procedures

Tim Spahlinger txs at
Wed Jun 13 08:24:55 EST 2001

Speaking as a relative novice working in molecular biology
(my career has been in Virology and Clinical Science, and
compelled to work with the ghosts and goblins of molecules)
I can recommend the following book as a decent intro:
"Molecular Biology Made Simple and Fun" by David P. Clark,
Lonnie D. Russell (Paperback - August 2000), and the
following book as an excellent reference for standardized
techniques in molecular biology: "Molecular Cloning", THIRD
Edition, by Joseph Sambrook and David W. Russell (Paperback
- January 2001).  Used together, these books have immensely
helped this "fish out of water".

However, I agree that a "standardized approach" does NOT
promote discovery.

John Musa wrote:
> Has anyone written these books yet? Molecular Biology for Dummies or the
> Idiots guide to Laboratory Research. The current protocol bibles
> available just don't cut it on all things leaving me perplexed. I wish
> everyone would just standardize and agree to do things in a common way.
> I'm bewildered...

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