Prolific panoply of protocols, practices, and procedures

Johanna Jo at
Wed Jun 13 11:22:22 EST 2001

"John Musa" <sunset_crashpad at> wrote in message
news:3B271A53.DFB11CF8 at
> Has anyone written these books yet? Molecular Biology for
Dummies or the
> Idiots guide to Laboratory Research. The current protocol
> available just don't cut it on all things leaving me perplexed.
I wish
> everyone would just standardize and agree to do things in a
common way.
> I'm bewildered...

Try some older books. We have a very early PCR manual in our lab,
which describes how to modify lab equipment to make home made
thermal cyclers.  However, it also covers the basics of
optimizing PCR far more clearly than any of the more modern books
that I have access to.  It was very helpful the first time I had
to  design a PCR from scratch.


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