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> Hi,
> What is currently supposed to be the best in silico way  to identify, or
> guess, regulatory sites, (potential) transcription factor binding sites,
> etcetera, when you find yourself staring at several kbs DNA that you know to
> have an important regulary potential in vertebrate gene regulation.
> Apparently the commercial software packages do not supply the means to do
> this.
> What are your favourite websites?


I wouldn't use it for 'several kb's of DNA' though. I would refine my 
search to small regions known by functional studies to be enhancers or 
promoters. The last time I did this on a 200bp region I got too many 
hits to handle. Part of the problem is that the binding sites for 
transcription factors are poorly defined. They often consist of 4-6bp 
core region which may have redundancy, but require poorly defined 
flanking sequences to bind the factor. So use advisedly and confirm 
binding before relying on an id.


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