Prolific panoply of protocols, practices, and procedures

R. Jayakumar jakku at
Wed Jun 13 11:46:30 EST 2001

    you seem to be one of those computer junkies by the look of it.  Well
science is not that structured,  we keep on building new wings to the
building and then pulling it down from time to time.   That is science... so
it is virtually impossible to state particular protocols and methods for
particular needs.. they keep coming and going...

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Subject: Prolific panoply of protocols, practices, and procedures

> Has anyone written these books yet? Molecular Biology for Dummies or the
> Idiots guide to Laboratory Research. The current protocol bibles
> available just don't cut it on all things leaving me perplexed. I wish
> everyone would just standardize and agree to do things in a common way.
> I'm bewildered...


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