enhancer/promoter sequence

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There is no "best way". And the better ways require that some functional
information about the downstream gene exists, or that you have a database of
genes with similar expression profiles (read: microarrays or SAGE).

If you have the latter information at your disposal, then there are a few
ways to look at it, but I would probably start off with George Church's
"AlignACE", which has been applied to DNA and protein, and seems to be one
of the better one's out there...


Otherwise, it is a complete crapshoot...lots of benchwork required...

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> > Hi,
> > What is currently supposed to be the best in silico way  to identify, or
> > guess, regulatory sites, (potential) transcription factor binding sites,
> > etcetera, when you find yourself staring at several kbs DNA that you
know to
> > have an important regulary potential in vertebrate gene regulation.
> > Apparently the commercial software packages do not supply the means to
> > this.

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