Protein superfamilies

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you might have a look at this site:
The Proteome Analysis database has been set up to provide comprehensive 
statistical and comparative analyses of the predicted proteomes of fully 
sequenced organisms. The analysis is compiled using InterPro, CluSTr and 
GO, and is performed on the non-redundant complete proteome sets of 
SWISS-PROT and TrEMBL entries. 

You can get there information about the 10 biggest protein families for each
listed organism.


> 	Can anybody suggest me a website where I can find the top-10
> families of protein (ranked by abundance). Long back I had read a paper in
> Nature describing the top-5 most abundant protein families, which included
> Zinc-finger proteins, ferrodoxin, EF-hand proteins etc. However, a latest
> survey documented somethere on the net will be useful.

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