Best plant RNA kit?

Karthik Aghoram kaghoram at
Mon Jun 18 15:35:18 EST 2001


I can imagine how RNA yield and quality would vary depending on the plant
part you are studying.  But I'll give you my 0.02's worth, anyhow :-): 
for both whole-leaf and seed RNA isolations in soy and Arabidopsis,
GIBCO-BRL (now Invitrogen)'s TRIZOL has worked really well in my hands. 

Good luck.
Karthik (who is not affiliated in any way with the companies mentioned 
         above; they are not even sending me a t-shirt ....)

Allison MacKay (amackay at wrote:
: I was wondering if I could get a few suggestions about which
: RNA extraction kit to use for plant tissue?  My species is a
: small, non-woody weed (sort of like Arabidopsis in consistency
: actually!).  I've been using Ambion's RNAqueous-midi kit (with
: homogenization by grinding in liquid N2 followed by Dounce) but
: yields have been downright pathetic (<100 ug per g of tissue)!
: I've heard that RNEasy from Qiagen is good.  Any advice would be
: greatly appreciated.
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