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In article <rhubner-6E0AF4.14471420062001 at news.uia.ac.be>, the eminent
Roland Hübner at Lab. of Pathology, University of Antwerpen wrote
> I seem to recall that this 9N7 pol wasn't as Hifi as advertized for 
>KOD, right?

KOD does seem out on it's own at present with regards the combination of
fidelity and processivity/speed. It's fidelity is the same as Pfu but
it's reported speed is higher. Given the accessory factors of Turbo Pfu
that is still probably the best that is available for general use.

9N7 wasn't as good on the fidelity side and was certainly 'normal'
speed. Interestingly when you align say Pfu, 9N7 and KOD there are not
that many differences. 

As to keywords on Google, Pubmed drives me up the wall for searching
Genbank. Trying to find the correct keyword combination without pulling
up umpteen unrelated (as far as I can tell) human gene sequences seems
impossible. Google is straightforward by comparison!

The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.

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