amazing stability of restriction enzymes

R. Jayakumar jakku at
Wed Jun 20 12:12:28 EST 2001

hi..hi.. nothing new to us in our Indian lab conditions.  Our enzymes
frequently thaw out in our freezer during our frequent power cuts that is a
part of research in India, but they rarely lose their activity.

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> I just wanted to report something that may be of interest.
> The box with all our restriction enzymes got inadvertantly left out by
> lab Gremlin (well, I think I know who really did it, but without
> proof, a public flogging is out of the question).  Preumably, the box got
> left out all night, as it was found on a table top by the first person in
> the lab at about 7:15 AM.
> I would have thought they'd all be ruined, but since it would be a lot of
> money to replace them all, I decided it would be worthwhile to have my
> undergraduate student test them.  Surprisingly, all the enzymes seem to be
> working fine, or at least have retained sufficient activity that they are
> still usable.
> I'm not suggesting benchtop storage of enzymes, but if something like this
> ever happens in your lab, definately check the activity before throwing
> them out!
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