amazing stability of restriction enzymes

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Wed Jun 20 15:43:32 EST 2001

Michael L. Sullivan wrote:
> Thanks for the interesting info.  I (and I'm sure lots of others) have
> always been under the impression that restriction enzymes are so delicate
> they will surely lose activity if we look at them the the wrong way, since
> most of the people who taught me were so paranoid about even having enzymes
> at ice temp for more than a few min.
> Perhaps in the early days, RE preparations were not so stable as they are
> today, and hence the paranoia that has been perpetuated.
> Mike

Not so long ago I was at a lab where they insisted we dispensed the
enzymes AT the freezer (common stocks for everything). Imagine: open
freezer, lay rack in freezer, open enzyme box, now where do I put the
box of tips?... damn, I forgot the P20... etc, the procedure takes
easily a few minutes if you have more than a couple of tubes... multiply
that by the number of people in the lab... a few times per day... I'm
amazed the thing wasn't covered in frost within a week (well, it took
about two to three ;-)


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