E. coli preservation

Chris Fields cjfields at jove.acs.unt.edu
Wed Jun 20 22:34:23 EST 2001

Tim Spahlinger wrote:
> Not to belabor the point, but I just happen to have found
> Sambrook's and Russell's procedures for Storage of Bacterial
> Cultures in "Molecular Cloning", Third Edition, page A8.5
> (appendix 8).  (I also needed to do some storage, so I
> looked them up!).  They don't give a relative time limit for
> the storage of stab cultures.
> By their methods, a final concentration (v/v) of 15%
> glycerol seems sufficient for long term storage of the bugs.

I think our stabs were 1/2 conc. nutrient agar in plain storage vials,
stored in the dark.  The last bit, about storing in the dark, is a bit
baffling.  I was told that it is b/c of possible accumulations in
mutations under low-level UV (I think this is crap, but I'm also a
paranoid grad. student).

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