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Hi all,

...slightly off thread, but: anyone good experiences with the new Proofstart
enzyme from Qiagen? After somehow mixed experiences with Pfu/Pfu turbo and
their hotstart flavor, we were looking for something new, with high
fidelity, high processivity and if possible hotstartmodification...


"Dr. Duncan Clark" <news@[]> wrote in message
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> In article <rhubner-6E0AF4.14471420062001 at news.uia.ac.be>, the eminent
> Roland Hübner at Lab. of Pathology, University of Antwerpen wrote
> > I seem to recall that this 9N7 pol wasn't as Hifi as advertized for
> >KOD, right?
> KOD does seem out on it's own at present with regards the combination of
> fidelity and processivity/speed. It's fidelity is the same as Pfu but
> it's reported speed is higher. Given the accessory factors of Turbo Pfu
> that is still probably the best that is available for general use.
> 9N7 wasn't as good on the fidelity side and was certainly 'normal'
> speed. Interestingly when you align say Pfu, 9N7 and KOD there are not
> that many differences.
> As to keywords on Google, Pubmed drives me up the wall for searching
> Genbank. Trying to find the correct keyword combination without pulling
> up umpteen unrelated (as far as I can tell) human gene sequences seems
> impossible. Google is straightforward by comparison!
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