DNA won't dissolve into TE

Frank O. Fackelmayer Frank at Fackelmayer.de
Thu Jun 21 02:26:35 EST 2001

Marc Busch wrote:
> I have run into the problem (and so have others I know) that DNA from a
> qiagen prep (usually the endotoxin free kit) don't always go into
> suspension. White flakes (which seem to be DNA to me) just won't go into

"white flakes" don´t seem to be DNA to me... Even when DNA is hard to
redissolve after being dried for to long, the "pellet" usually turns
translucent, at least at its edges. 
Very long DNA (like genomic DNA) is harder to redissolve than plasmid
DNA, so of course it also depends on the starting material.
I can´t imagine what the white flakes could be, unless you seriously
overloaded the qiagen column (then it would most likely be contaminant
protein or polysaccharides). It is usually helpful to use way lower
amounts of bacterial culture than stated in the manual, it will strongly
improve the quality of the DNA.

I´d guess that your DNA already dissolved, and the white flakes are
contaminants. Try spinning them out, extract the supernatant with
phenol/chloroform, chloroform, and precipitate again. 


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