western for ZO-1

Jes Kuruvilla jkuruvil at lamar.colostate.edu
Thu Jun 21 17:28:29 EST 2001

Hi Sid,

Do a 4-16% gradient gel available from Bio rad or use a 4%
stacking and 10% running gel. to separate all your proteins.
The use the entire gel including the stacking in a submerged
transfer apparatus (biorad) . This is the best way to
transfer a large protein. We use it for CBP(2441)

proceed after transfer onto PVDF or Nitrocellulose and then
using a common western blotting scheme used for regular
proteins detect with a specific antibody.


Siddhartha S Mitra wrote:
> can anyone give me the protocol for doing western blots for high
> molecular weight proteins (~220Kd) specifically ZO-1
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