Best plant RNA kit?

Lauri Lintott llintott at
Thu Jun 21 22:33:46 EST 2001

I too would vote for the trizol method.  I am using it for potato leaves
and I get about 40 - 50 ug of RNA from 80 mg of tissue.   I use the
extra steps recomended by GIBCO-BRL  for tissues with high carbohydrates
(ie. an additional centrifugation step at the beginning, and
precipitating in high salt).

Lauri Lintott
Agriculture and Agri-food Canada
Lethbridge, Alberta

Allison MacKay wrote:

> I was wondering if I could get a few suggestions about which
> RNA extraction kit to use for plant tissue?  My species is a
> small, non-woody weed (sort of like Arabidopsis in consistency
> actually!).  I've been using Ambion's RNAqueous-midi kit (with
> homogenization by grinding in liquid N2 followed by Dounce) but
> yields have been downright pathetic (<100 ug per g of tissue)!
> I've heard that RNEasy from Qiagen is good.  Any advice would be
> greatly appreciated.
> --
> Allison Mackay
> Plant Cell Technology Laboratory
> Department of Plant Agriculture
> University of Guelph

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