E. coli preservation

Jim Kami jakami at ucdavis.edu
Sun Jun 24 17:06:05 EST 2001

Hello again,

    Base on what I've been reading, it seems stab cultures are the most
popular method for storing bugs so I'm going to try an experiment using 96
well plates filled with LB + low melt agarose (so I can use a warmed
autoplate filler to save time) and inoculate them with a 96 pin replicator
tool and seal with tape. Let you know how it works in a year or two.
    In the mean time, I recall being told many years ago, that storage
under high molar MgSO4 is equally effective in preserving bugs
"indefinitely". Has anyone heard of this method and know exactly what
concentration of MgSO4 to use ??

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Chris Fields wrote:

> Tim Spahlinger wrote:
> >
> > Not to belabor the point, but I just happen to have found
> > Sambrook's and Russell's procedures for Storage of Bacterial
> > Cultures in "Molecular Cloning", Third Edition, page A8.5
> > (appendix 8).  (I also needed to do some storage, so I
> > looked them up!).  They don't give a relative time limit for
> > the storage of stab cultures.
> >
> > By their methods, a final concentration (v/v) of 15%
> > glycerol seems sufficient for long term storage of the bugs.
> I think our stabs were 1/2 conc. nutrient agar in plain storage vials,
> stored in the dark.  The last bit, about storing in the dark, is a bit
> baffling.  I was told that it is b/c of possible accumulations in
> mutations under low-level UV (I think this is crap, but I'm also a
> paranoid grad. student).
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