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On 25 Jun 2001, KH wrote:

> Can anyone suggest a good site or book where I can learn some basic 
> chemical calculations? I do it is absurd to be working in a lab and yet 
> having problems with simple chemical calculations! Stuff like making 
> stock solutions, calculation # of moles, volumetric equations etc.
> Thanks,
> KH

Hello KH,

The books that I use frequently (i.e. extremely dogeared,
taped bindings etc.) in the lab are:

Laboratory Mathematics medical and biological applications
June Blankenship & Joe Bill Campbell
C. V. Mosby St. Louis MO 1976
ISBN 0-8016-0700-0

Biochemical Calculations 2nd edition
Irwin H. Segel
John Wiley & Sons 1976
ISBN 0-471-77421-9

The Tools of Biochemistry
Terrance G. Cooper
John Wiley & Sons
ISBN 0-471-17116-6

Somewhat dated and basic, but great for actual applied working
examples of all of those forgotten equations. Also great for
newcomers to the lab.

Hope this helps,
Brad Turner

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