Unknown Primer

Thomas Mohr thomas.mohr at utanet.at
Tue Jun 26 04:41:57 EST 2001

Dear Colleagues,

Following problem:

We did RT-PCR for TGF-beta1 to test whether TGF-beta1 expression was
downregulated on mRNA level by a certain drug.
Due to a mistake, one primer contained a mmismatch at the 3' end. The
mRNA we found was of different length than it should be (approx. 200Bp
instead of 125) and could be downregulated by our drug (contrary to
TGF-beta). We would be interested in finding out which protein does
belong to this mRNA. Since we're not very well accoustomed with
available databases, we would be very grateful for any hints how to do

kind regards,

T. Mohr

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