RNA resuspension problem

clarosa clarosa at biocomp.unl.edu
Wed Jun 27 11:13:21 EST 2001

Do not worry.  In plant samples you always get a gel like pellet... just measure
the RNA in the clear supernatent, and ignore the pellet!!!      (I used to lose
sleep over that insoluble pellet......).  Do not overheat.. just leave on ice an
hour spin, measure.

P. C . LaRosa , Phd, 17 yrs experience in the lab.

Melanie wrote:

> I have in the past had no problems precipitationg and resuspending my RNA in
> DEPC H20.  However, the last time I tried to do this using 1/10 volume NaAc
> ph 5.5 and 2 volumes EtOH and freezing at -20 overnight, I come up with a
> clear gel like blob of a pellet that I can't get to redissolve.  I have
> heated at 65 for 10 min several times, vortexed, flicked the tubes
> repeatedly, etc.  Should I heat the tubes longer?  Will that harm the RNA?
> Any other suggestions?
> thanks
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