"Pfx" DNA pol...

Roland Hubner roland.hubner at ua.ac.be
Thu Jun 28 14:14:57 EST 2001

> Cycle sequencing is not PCR and, if I remember correctly, there is no
> patent on single primer extension. 

Hi Duncan,

 What about this one?

 United States Patent 4,962,020
 Tabor, et. al. (Oct. 9, 1990)

 DNA sequencing

 A method for sequencing a strand of DNA, including the steps
 of: providing the strand of DNA; annealing the strand with a
 primer able to hybridize to the strand to give an annealed
 mixture; incubating the mixture with a deoxyribonucleoside
 triphosphate, a DNA polymerase, and a chain terminating
 agent under conditions in which the polymerase causes the
 primer to be elongated to form a series of DNA products
 differing in length of the elongated primer, each DNA product
 having a chain terminating agent at its elongated end; the
 number of each DNA product being approximately the same for
 substantially all DNA products differing in length from 1 to
 20 bases.

 In other words, even the Sanger centre will have to pay unless they 
make sure some bands do not have same intensity !?!

 Best regards,

ps. Whoah! KOD1 appears to have double processing speed compared with 
Taq... really sort of yield polymerase...

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