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Thu Jun 28 21:15:32 EST 2001

Hi, too.
> Hi,
> MUG sold by Sigma states on page 674.
> 4-methylumbelliferyl-beta-D-Glucuronide
> FW 352
> MUG is also sold as
> 4-methylumbelliferyl-beta-D-Glucuronide, dihydrate
> with a FW of 2 water molecular higher.
> For diagnostic purposes and assay of e.coli in
> water etc... what is the difference really?  Will this
> affect the experiment and assays?

No, since you will add plenty of water, probably. 
> Do some companies sell molecules that are hydrate
> form and not indicate this in the certificate of analysis?
I sometimes noticed that the indicated molecular weight in 
grams per mole did not include the water molecules. If you're 
not sure, better check twice. 
The indictaed FW usually does not (cannot) reflect purity and 
water content (water not complexed  stoichiometrically in 
crystals but somehow present in the stuff). 
If you just want to color the bugs, it's probably to necessary to 
take care of that, but for quantitative analysis it's probably 
better to set up a standard curve. What are you actually 
planning to do?

There are also other pre-fluorescent glucuronides, conjugated 
to FITC (molecular probes) or PNP (sigma?)

> Any comments.?


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