weighing neurotoxins safely?

Michael Witty mw132 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Fri Jun 29 16:51:32 EST 2001

. . . I think static electicity can make things fly around too.  Does the
compound come in one of those bottles with a rubber plug?  If so you can
do what Wolfgang says AND also inject the solvent through a needle into
the container.  Mike.

On 29 Jun 2001, Wolfgang Schechinger wrote:

> John ,
> when I am in doubt about the toxicity of a chemical, I weigh the
> flask with the chemical (after it has come to room
> tempereature, then dissolve the content, transfer it to another
> vial and after complete dryiung of the shipping vial, I determine
> the weight again). Then it's easy to calculate the amount
> dissolved.
> Instead of a hood, you might use a glovebox (sold e.g. by
> Aldrich or Sigma) to transfer the substance into a preweighted
> vial that you can handle safely outside.
> Wolfgang
> > What is the established procedure for weighing mg quantities of
> > neurotoxins, such as MPTP,  in the lab? Would it be better to
> > weigh it in the hood with the analytical balance. While the hood
> > provides a layer of safety it also creates air currents that can
> > disrupt the weighing out, and that can transmit the toxic dust
> > throughout the lab, theoretically, or at least within the hood,
> > and I don't want to work in a hood with any dangerous residue in
> > it. Thank you in advance for any advice...
> >
> >
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