Insertion into an expression vector.

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Both enzymes work fine. T4 is also useful in chewing back 3 prime
protrusion (3'-5' exonuclease activity) which the Klenow fragment does not

This should help you decide on the enzyme.

At 11:01 AM 3/1/01 -0500, Wallace Lauzon wrote:
>We have a BamHI/NotI cDNA fragment that encodes a mature transcript without
>a start codon.  We wish to insert it into an expression vector.  Because of
>the lack of a ATG and the intervening S&D site, we have constructed oligo
>linkers to fill in the necessary sequence.  oligo 1 is a 29-mer that has the
>conscensus sequence for BglII(restriction site on the vector) the S&D site
>and an 8pb sequence complementary to the end of oligo2.  Oligo2 has the 8bp
>complementary sequence for oligo 1, a start codon, and BamHI complementary
>sequence (insert restriction site).
>The question is, what is the best enzyme to use, to fill in the single
>stranded sections of the construct?  We are looking at Klenow and T4
>polymerase.  Are there drawbacks to either one?  Are there others more
>appropriate to our needs?
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