E.coli lysis no enzyme damage

J. Martinez-Irujo jjmirujo at unav.es
Fri Mar 2 04:30:50 EST 2001

Emir Khatipov wrote:

> I would freeze induced E.coli cell pellet at -80 to store,
and when needed
> thaw the pellet, add buffer with protease inhibitors,
lysozyme and DNAse I
> (~<10U/ml), freeze thaw the suspension couple of times.
> freeze/thawing, I would sonicate the lysates real quick (1
x 15 sec; that
> would kill DNAse I by the way), and spin down debris. Make
sure no foam is
> formed during sonication.
> Emir

Do you know why sonication inactivates DNase I? Any

Juan J. Martinez Irujo
Universidad de Navarra


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