Plasmid for tranformation into Bacillus subtilis

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Fri Mar 2 12:52:07 EST 2001

      You can try pBC16. We found it to be quite stable in subtilis too.
You can also try triparental mating using the mobilisable plasmid pAT19/18.
We have managed to efficiently transform B. subtilis with this system, using
pRK2013 as a helper.  pAT19, contains the pAMB1 oriR, to make it replicate
in nearly all gram+ organisms, but misses RK2 oriR but has its oriT for
transfering, and ColE1 origin for replication in E. coli.  You can try out
this system.  Refer to this article to get more information on pAT19 or 18.
     "Shuttle vectors containing a multiple cloning site and a lacZa gene
for conjugal transfer of DNA from E. coli to gram-positive bacteria" Trieu
cuot etal, 1991, Gene 102, 99-104.
     best of luck
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I need a plasmid suitable for transformation into Bacillus subtilis and was
wondering if anyone could provide information as to where I could get this


Megan Clulow



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