SuperScript error rate?

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Eivind Hovig at DNR wrote
> have not been able to locate any 
>references where anybody have performed systematic assays of this.

Look for references by Kinkel. I'm sure he has real figures.

> The 
>reason of my interest are the various amplification techniques for 
>microarray analysis and their reliability, and also the lower limit of 
>biologically relevant mutation analysis based on small amounts of 
>naturally occuring mRNA (in vivo). Given the flow of "enhanced" reverse 
>transcriptases recently, this is an even more pressing question for me.

I very much doubt the 'enhanced' RT's are any better in the fidelity
dept. Given that microarray labelling kits are incorporating Cy-dUTP/C-
dCTP or amino-allyl dUTP, the mutation rate may be quite different (say
due to stearic hindrance by the Cy analogues) to using straight dNTPs. I
suspect it is something that, like you say, could be being overlooked.

On another note, do you subscribe to the microarray listserv via
yahoogroups? I am supposedly subscribed but have had nothing at all for
at least a week, other than the e-mail saying I am subscribed.

The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get 
sliced from time to time....

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