Help: RNA Extraction from Paraffin Embedded Tissue

Anthony C. Hilton a.c.hilton at
Tue Mar 6 11:04:22 EST 2001


We are currently trying to extract RNA (specifically mRNA) from archived
paraffin embedded (PE) renal tissue for subsequent use in a Northern blot
assay.  I'm aware of the difficulty in doing this, especially as much of the
stability of the RNA in the sample is dependent upon the steps taken to
prevent RNase activity prior to paraffin embedding.  We have tried a number
of extraction kits which, while they accept the shortfall of their products
in doing so, claim to be able to extract sufficient mRNA from PE tissue for
a RT-PCR step.

Has anyone any experience of getting mRNA out of PE tissues and if so what
method would you recommend.  Are there any steps in the RNA extraction
process which can be successfully optimised to enhances chances of success?

Any comments welcome as we are running out of ideas and this is putting our
research 'on hold' at the moment.


Anthony Hilton

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