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David L Haviland David.L.Haviland at
Wed Mar 7 10:04:55 EST 2001

Jeffery Haines wrote:

> Interested in using a scientific graphing program (other than PC version of
> Microsoft Excel 2000) which will perform regressional analysis, plot complex
> data, ANOVA, ANCOVA, etc.  Program should be user-friendly, flexible
> and reasonably priced.  Excel will not allow me to plot complex
> absorption/elution data due to the large number of variables.
> Any program suggestions, prices, opinions would be helpful for an
> undergrad biochemistry student.


Simple:  Graph-Pad Prism.   VERY intuitive, I've almost never needed the manual
except to review statistics like t-tests.  Well worth the $$ and from what I've
heard, loads easier than Sigman plot to learn.   Exporting figures as windows
metafiles into grants and papers are a snap.

Hope this helps,
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