Real Time PCR Controls...

Trevor Brown trevor_brown at
Wed Mar 7 16:44:32 EST 2001

Don't you find it funny that a company who relies on  business from the
scientific community, so often puts itself in the way of scientific
advancement? We were told by ABI that they would not even support our use
of the Taqman chemistry since we didn't have their real time instrument.
Funny, how my money in their pockets doesn't entitle me to their tech
support. I wonder if I had a problem with --say, Beckman's centrifuge
tubes, would they support me if I was using some other companies'
centrifuge? My suggestion is to stick to the user groups.


Rick Davis wrote:

> We're using ABI's 5700 Sequence Detection system for relative gene
> expression quantitation in human keratinocytes.. Our ABI guru told us
> that 18S Ribosomal RNA is the best endogenous control to use in these
> types of measurements. Unfortunately ABI will not disclose the primer
> pairs they use in the TaqMan 18S kits that they sell. Is anyone out
> there that is doing real time PCR applications using 18S as a control
> willing to share their primer pair sequences with me?
> Thanks,
> Rick

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