pGEM-T easy vector gives extra band

Michael L. Sullivan mlsulliv at
Thu Mar 8 10:07:45 EST 2001

There is also a protocal for making T-tailed vectors in Current Protocols
in Molecular Biology.  Essentially, you cut your vector with a blunt cutter
like EcoRV.  The blunted vector is then incubated at 70 degrees with Taq
and dTTP only, which will add the appropriate single T overhang.

I've used this a sseveral times.  I found that I got rather a lot of
background, BUT, if you use a vector with color selection, it is easy to
pick clones with inserts.

I generally don't do this anymore.  Rather, since oligos are so inexpensive
now, I just design restriction sites into my primers.  But making your own
T-tailed vector is a good alternative if you can't or don't want to do this.


>"R. Jayakumar" wrote:
>> [...] T-tailing it with
>> DNA polymerase and an excess of TTP, which I can very well do in some other
>> vector too.    it is this protocol which I wanted.
>Try using the terminal transferase from any vendor, adding dTTP to a blunt
>I don't have the protocol right here, but i think there is a brief one in
>Sambrook, and in some catalogs.
>Hope this helps

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