pGEM-T easy vector gives extra band

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Dear Dr. Clark
   They use dTTP along with taq polymerase at a conc. of 2mM. for 2 hours at
70C.  please refer to article in  NAR, 1990. vol19, no. 16.

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> In article <3AA793A5.74B141AB at>, the eminent Sergio at UCM
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> >Try using the terminal transferase from any vendor, adding dTTP to a
blunt end.
> >I don't have the protocol right here, but i think there is a brief one in
> >Sambrook, and in some catalogs.
> Won't just using TTP generate a long multi-T tail. Should one use ddTTP?
> I need to check the original references but I think it was dTTP and Taq
> or ddTTP and TdT.
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