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Sat Mar 10 09:37:40 EST 2001

We like MJR's thermocyclers.  We have 7 of them and they've been pretty
I've also used PE, Hybaid,Eppendorf, Idaho and a few others and found MJR to
be the best.

John R. McQuiston
CDC Atlanta, GA.

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> Hi All,
> I am sure this has been asked before, so please feel free to point me to
> archive if you know of one.
> We are in the market for several thermocylers and want to move away from
> our current manufacturers. We do a ton of PCR assays and I need machines
> that are reliable and tough (more or less run 24/7). Does anyone out there
> have any recommendations for machines they have run a lot, and feel are
> sturdy and reliable? Heated-lid; 96-well (0.2ml) format preferred for now.
> Unless this is of general interest, please just respond to my address so
> not to clutter the list. I would be happy to post a summary if there is
> interest.
> Best regards,
> Bruce
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> Senior Manager, Molecular Genetics
> Charles River Laboratories
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