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Sat Mar 10 18:25:09 EST 2001

Send money to Anyone, Anywhere, Worldwide!  Introducing

The Worlds 1st Real-Time Global Payment System

Unique new ATM Card allows you COMPLETE PRIVACY and the ability
to send Cash worldwide! The card does not require any identifying
numbers that some jurisdictions use to pry into individuals
private affairs. This ATM card's value is backed by GOLD! You
will be able to accept payments from and send payments to anyone
anywhere in the world who has one of these ATM cards at the speed
of electricity!!!

This unique Global ATM Card service will completely revolutionize
the way in which e-Commerce is transacted on and off the Internet!
With this powerful new ATM card,
You control your money!
This ATM card provides secure, Real-Time, transactions!
             100% Backed By Gold

Your ATM card account funds are redeemable any time in Gold!

Check out the MANY POWERFUL Benefits of this unique new ATM
· Direct Payroll Deposits:  Employers and Affiliate Program
managers can Pay their Employees/Affiliates Directly to their
ATM Card Account!  Employers/Affiliate Program Owners will now
be able to Save a Tremendous amount of money by not having to
pay for Postage, Envelopes, Printing Cost and Labor Cost to Issue
Pay Checks by "Snail Mail"!!

· Currency Exchange:  Your money is INSTANTLY Available 24 Hours
a Day - 7 Days a Week at well over 400,000+ ATM's Worldwide - in
Your Own Local Currency!
· Funds Transfer:  Transfer monies to other member ATM Card users 
Anytime, and Anywhere in the World!
· Purchases: Make online or offline purchases at 1,000's of merchants
worldwide who Accept Debit Cards!
Merchant Services: Online merchants can accept this unique ATM Card
in exchange for goods and services. Charge-Backs are 100% Eliminated
· and Rates are Far Less than Credit Cards!
· Your ATM card account funds are Redeemable Anytime in Gold!

Amazing opportunity to get paid extra Cash!!!
Refer a few friends and have cash paid to your ATM Card WEEKLY!
You can become a reseller for this ATM Card for FREE!  If nothing
else, you can be earning money WEEKLY by simply referring a few
friends who want to use this unique ATM Card. If you choose to
upgrade to Agent Status the returns can potentially be enormous!

How many business owners friends family students do you know who
would like to send, receive and withdraw CASH at the speed of

You can now be paid for who you know!

Get paid $20.00 for every Card you refer to others and Get paid
$10.00 for every card they refer!! You do the math!

Now imagine getting paid for every card that people you refer
and people they refer and people they refer etc. I am sure you
get the point! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!!!

All income earned will be paid to your ATM Card weekly!

You can then withdraw cash from any ATM immediately!

Do not miss out on this opportunity! Those that have the foresight
to get in at the beginning will make thousands for simply referring
this unique ATM Card to friends and family!!! It's FINALLY your turn
to be first!!!

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mailto:dp32k at

with your:
email address
and Phone number
and we will contact you within 24 hours with additional information!!

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