Scientific Graphing Programs

jim.gore at jim.gore at
Sun Mar 11 10:11:15 EST 2001

On 6 Mar 2001 01:12:52 GMT, jhaines at (Jeffery Haines)

>Interested in using a scientific graphing program (other than PC version of 
>Microsoft Excel 2000) which will perform regressional analysis, plot complex 
>data, ANOVA, ANCOVA, etc.  Program should be user-friendly, flexible 
>and reasonably priced.  Excel will not allow me to plot complex 
>absorption/elution data due to the large number of variables. 
>Any program suggestions, prices, opinions would be helpful for an 
>undergrad biochemistry student.

I used to use SigmaPlot for both DOS and Windows, but have been using
GraphPad Prism for the last few years.  There are some things offered
by SigmaPlot that aren't offered by Prism, but Prism is much more
user-friendly and intuitive.  If you want to try it out, there is a
demo version (full-featured) at their website ( which
would at least let you see if it fulfills your needs.  All I know is
that several labs around here switched to it after seeing us using it.

As for SigmaPlot, I must agree with the fellow who answered you
earlier and said the Windows version is really screwed up.  The DOS
version was much better.


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