Digital camera densitometry

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Most new gel docs that image with CCD cameras will image westerns and SDS 
gels if you add a white light converter screen on top of the 
transilluminator.   Alpha Innotech has a built in white light table that 
folds down from inside the cabinet, so this is convenient for coomassie or 
silver stained gels.   They also have filters for Syproruby staining.  they 
also have a new digidoc which can be used for both white light and uv 

You can find them using and search for alphadigidoc--if you just 
use digidoc you get some pages describing cooling fans!

W Schick BioSepCo

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> If anyone has had favorable experience with digital camera densitometry 
> of Westerns and SDS gels I would appreciate hearing about the camera and 
> software used.
> Thanks.
> Philip Aisen

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