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> >    We use a product called "tergitol" from Sigma, which is one and the 
> >    same with  100% NP-40.  Unfortunately it is solid at room 
> >    temperature, so you have to heat it up to pipet it for your final 
> >    concentration.
> My 5 year old Fluka 100% genuinely marked NP40 is and has always been
> liquid at RT. Are you sure it is supposed to be solid?
> Duncan

I would guess there is probably confusion here between NP-40 (a.k.a 
Tergitol type NP-40, a solid at room temp.) and Nonidet P-40 (no longer 
available but Sigma sells its equivalent, Igepal CA-630, a liquid at RT).

A recent Fluka catalogue lists 'Nonidet P-40 substitute' with synonyms 
being NP-40 (as unfortunately Nonidet P-40 was sometimes called) as well 
as Imbentin-N/52.


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