SS-specific RNAse

M. Hertel hippocampus at
Fri Mar 16 02:02:31 EST 2001

Hello Deborah,
RNase T1 and A do only digest single strand RNA (at least this is true for RNA
hybridized with an artificial RNA probe and I couldn t imagine that there is any
difference to viral double strand RNA,) We extensively use RNase T1 from Roche and
Rnase A from Sigma to digest single strand overhangs on RNA-RNA-probe hybrids
during RNAse protection assay


Deborah Hailstones wrote:

> Hi all,
> Do all RNAses degrade all RNAs?  Can I buy one which will definitely *not*
> degrade double stranded (viral replicative) RNA?
> I'm looking to amplify a viral sequence from "dsRNA" extracted from infected
> plants, but i suspect they also contain some single stranded plant RNA, and/or
> DNA since my "uninoculated" plants are amplifying a band of the same size.  The
> viral gene I'm trying to amplify is a homolog of a plant gene (family), tho I'm
> yet to confirm that the plant gene will amplify under my conditions by doing
> just PCR cf RT-PCR.
> So, one option may be to remove plant DNA with DNAse, but will RNAse destroy my
> dsRNA?  If not, how do I then ensure that the RNAse is fully inactivated before
> I start my RT?
> Any help much appreciated!  Cheers
> Deb
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