TALP problem

Malay curiouser at ccmb.ap.nic.in
Fri Mar 16 05:30:13 EST 2001

Hi Netters:

All the reproductive biologist there. I am a rookie in the field and
dirtying my hands for the first time in in-vitro capacitation using modified
Tyrode's medium(TALP).

Here is the problem:

TALP that I make is good for the sperms for only first few days and fails to
do so after that. I doubt the pH because it increases over time. I've
changed the Na-bicarbonate to a fresh stock but with not much improvement.
Which reagent in the TALP to be doubted to have gone bad? I am having this
problem for the first time and so it is in the lab. How do you store TALP?
Has anyone faced the same problem?

Thanks everyone in advance.

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