RNA yields from various human tissues? Tissue weights?

Bob robdebob at att.net
Sun Mar 18 19:52:56 EST 2001

I have to isolate total RNA/polyA+ RNA from various human tissues, healthy
and diseased. In order to estimate the amount of starting material in grams,
I need to know what RNA yield to expect from that tissue and how many grams
of that particular tissue one can get from one donor.  I was wondering if
there are any reliable resources on :

A) how much total RNA/polyA+ RNA one can get per gram of various human

B) how many grams of various tissues (anything imaginable, including weight
of left and right ventricle, atria, septal wall,  various brain regions,
DRG, aorta, tongue, prostate etc. etc.) does an average human body have.

Many thanks,

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