cDNA-libraries from small amounts of plant tissue - help

Dr. Klaus Eimert eimert at
Mon Mar 19 06:11:23 EST 2001

Dear Netters,

as the subject states - we are interested in constructing libraries from 
very small amounts of (limited) plant tissue.
We would like to ask for your personal experience in this area, like: 
Should we go for total RNA instead of polyA, because of the limited source? 
What are your preferred protocols for isolation (yield vs. quality; kits 
vs. homegrown; etc)? To go for seperate 1st strand synthesis or for all-in-
one-tube? What is your good/bad experience with certain protocols and/or 
Any help or pointers to sources are very much appreciated! I could post the 
collected answers (hopefully alot of them) to the group if people are 
Thank you very much in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Klaus Eimert

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