GeneClean and MERmaid kits

Michael Witty mw132 at
Tue Mar 20 08:27:29 EST 2001

If you are subcloning and don't need a huge amount of DNA then why not
just use a freeze squeeze method and avoid buying a kit at all?  Mike.

On Tue, 20 Mar 2001, Andy Scotter wrote:

> 	Just a quick question about BIO101's Geneclean and MERmaid kits.
> We are looking into getting a different (cheaper) kit for DNA purification
> from gel slices.  We use a range of sizes of DNA and I noticed that
> Geneclean claims to be effective from 200bp an up.  That would mean we
> would need to get the MERmaid kit for DNA under 200bp, which I use
> a lot!  Does anyone know if the protocols and reagents are the same
> for both kits with the exception of the EZ-Glassmilk/Glassfog beads.  That
> would obviosly allow us to buy a big Geneclean kit and just some Glassfog
> beads for cleaning up anything under 200bp.  ANy advice from users of
> these kits will be greatly appreciated...
> Andy
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