sequencing from a gel cut-band?

Errol E.S.Kwan at
Tue Mar 20 20:17:38 EST 2001

If you're sure that your band is definately of a single sequence then
it's fine.  I've never had a problem.  The problem comes if you're
doing something like RAPD's or AFLP's and the band could contain
several different fragments of the same size but different sequences.

The result can vary depending on the conditions of the sequencing, the
type of product (AT or GC rich).  You'll probably have to give it a go
to see the quality of the sequence.  But it is possible to sequence a
gel extracted band.

On Tue, 20 Mar 2001 19:56:36 +0100, "Stefi~" <xxxgifalone at>

>Is it possible to sequence a band from a low melting point agarose gel?
>What's the max lenght of a segment to be correctly sequenced? Thx very much.
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