purify RNA from proteoglycans and polysaccarides?

ZAG h225gast at edv2.boku.ac.at
Wed Mar 21 02:52:02 EST 2001


I prepared total RNA from plants (A. t.) grown on soil using Trizol and
have large amounts of contaminations of substances stated in a manual
for TRIFAST (from peqlab, similar to Trizol) could well be proteoglycans
and polysaccarides copurifying with RNA and having similar UV
absorption. They say in the manual, that a further purification with
Optipure (Peqlab as well) eliminates these problems. Does anybody have
experiences with these kind of problems who can provide help (experience
with Optipure or similar stuff, home-made protocols etc...).

thanks in advance,

Harald F. Sigmund

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