Total phospholipid assay?

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first extract all lipids by Bligh and Dyer Method, then perform
an essay for inorganic phosphate (molybdic acid procedure). If I 
remember correctly, there should be some papers from Schmitz-G and or 
Assmann and or Robenek from 1980 - 1990.  Maybe you are able to 
locate them in PubMed. Actually, thre should be plenty of references, 
in that time and before that was common procedure.


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> Subject:       Total phospholipid assay?
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> Can anyone recommend an assay for total phosholipids in a complex
> sample (natural biological material)?
> We'd prefer easy-to-use (such as a dye blot) and very sensitive. But
> anything will help at this point.
> Thanks for helping!
> Dave

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