What internal standard for Q-PCR?

Olivier Gandrillon Gandrillon at maccgmc.univ-lyon1.fr
Thu Mar 22 03:09:19 EST 2001

Hi there

My personal experience: unless you are very lucky (or unlucky depending 
upon the way you see things) the VAST majority of the genes you are 
gonna test will NOT suffer any significant variation. So just test GAPDH 
to get started and then a couple of other genes, and you'll have all of 
the controls you might need (figure out what the chances are that GAPDH 
and two other random selected genes actually all vary in the same 

Hope this helps


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> Hi,
> I talked to a couple of ABI 7700 Users. They all have the same problem: 
> They
> do not like to spend time in figuring out a good "housekeeping standard".
> But if you want to get reliable data, there is no other way.
> Best
> Bodychecker
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> > I am going to use ABI 7700 for Q-PCR. TaqMan-MGB probe will be used.
> > What is the most appropriate internal standard (e.g. G6PDH etc.) for
> > RT-PCR reaction . And the corresponding primer pairs and probe 
> > sequences?
> >
> > And any other newsgroup discuss about Q-PCR?
> >
> > Rocky
> > new user of ABI 7700
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