Problems with expression in E.coli

Paul Klosen klosen at
Thu Mar 22 10:57:20 EST 2001

>By what criteria are you determining there is no expression?  I have a
>his-tagged construct in pET28, and while I found it difficult to see
>induction just by staining, it was very obvious when I ran a western blot
>using anti 6Xhis antibody.  Also, my protein turn out to be insoluble, and
>once I made soluble/insoluble fractions, it was very obvious protein was
>being expressed.  Have you tried these approaches yet.

I did check by Western blot for HIS-tagged proteins (positive control OK, 
constructs negative). These Western blots were done on E.coli total 
proteins, solubilized either in SDS-Page buffer, or in BUST 

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