Problems with Manuscript!

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Sun Mar 25 12:07:38 EST 2001

I agree with Richard....forget about the identity of the reviewer .....get
on with it, get on with the science. If the reviewer is wrong with his
assessment of your work or is suggesting "impossible" experiments (or
unreasonable), respond to the review with those concerns. Let your science
do the talking......and your understanding of what should/shouldn't need to
be done for the paper to be published.

Oh and btw........did your Nobel prize winning boss make the quote before or
after being awarded the prize  ;-)

"Frank O. Fackelmayer" <Frank at> wrote in message
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> Richard Miller wrote:
> >
> > and get on with the science; that is what you are there for.  As my boss
> > (Nobel Winner) said to a less than flattering, very personally degrading
> > review, "Remember, everyone gets up on the wrong side of the bed
> > Let's just get back to work."
> >
> Very good. But did he/she say that BEFORE or AFTER getting the Nobel
> prize? ;)
> Frank

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