Plasmids in BL21 codon plus

Mizar molla-remove- at
Tue Mar 27 09:49:39 EST 2001

Hi, I assume that the extra tRNA carried by
the codon plus Bl21 cells (Promega) are carried on
a plasmid under cam selection.
Well, when I do a miniprep of these cells transformed
with my plasmid I see extra bands both in digested and
non digested DNA; I need to know if these extra bands
come from the "endogenous" plasmid. Anyone has got
the sequence (or restriction map) of the plasmid carring the extra
tRNAs in the BL21(DE3)codon-plus RIL cells?
In case of affermative answer can U mail me it?
Bye, Gianluca

Gianluca Molla PhD
Università dell'Insubria (ITALY)
gianluca.molla at

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