ABI 377-96 sample loaders

Mr JN Goulding jgouldin at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Wed Mar 28 04:25:35 EST 2001

I use the Web scientific loading comb. You have a 66 (or 96- I only have a
66 well upgrade) well loading tray that you load your samples into. The
square tooth comb is then dipped into the tray and the samples stick to
the teeth, and this is then placed onto the gel in the normal way. All
samples loaded. It's quick and easy, though maybe not cheap as the combs
are single use. 


(No affiliation to company- just a happy user)

On 3 Mar 2001, A-P Laine wrote:

ABI is recommending Kloehn or World Precision Instruments gel loaders for 
> 377-96 sequencer. Opinions and recommendations regarding these or other 
> compatible loaders would be highly appreciated before I go and buy one...
> A-P Laine

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