Uni-ZAP XR Mass Excision Jam

Alejandro Miguel Martin Dunn alejandro.martin at cigb.edu.cu
Wed Mar 28 08:31:52 EST 2001

Have you tested whether the SOLR cells are still F'? Use the helper
stock to check for phage sensitivity, or grow in minimal medium without


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Uni-ZAP XR Mass Excision Jam
Apparently, I have had no luck mass excising Bluescript from a Uni-ZAP
XR library. 
I have done everything according to the protocol by Stratagene. 
I have titered the library and the ExAssist helper phage before the
I have combined 1.5 x 10E5 pfu lambda phage, 1.5 x 10E6 XL1-Blue MRF'
cells and 1.5 x 10E7 pfu ExAssist and then done as the protocol says.
But I can not get any colonies when I want to titer the phagemid with
SOLR cells on LBamp plates.

Any suggestions as to what is wrong?
The library seems OK as ESTs have been sequenced from it (and others
have excised it).
I have tested the amp plates, they are OK.
What else could I try?

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